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Proud to stay ambitious

April 13th 2017

When I present Interact Law to interested new firms, I sometimes describe the network as a ‘runner-up’ in the international legal industry. All firms exist of established, experienced lawyers in their own jurisdiction, who still are ambitious to get better. Calling yourself ambitious tells that you are never really satisfied, that you won’t stop until you reach the top. 

We try harder

One of the most famous advertisement campaigns is an old one for Avis Car Rental in the US. They were a runner-up in their industry, far behind Hertz. So they used their position, saying ‘we’re only no. 2. We try harder.’ I love that campaign because it expresses a promise to the clients: we will always try harder to satisfy your needs. That is a mission for every ambitious company or law firm.

Not medium sized, but a runner-up

I consider a runner-up as more sympathetic, more eager to do the best they can, and more proud of goals they achieve. An ambitious law firm is open for innovation because that’s the only way to adapt to change and to keep on developing. A runner-up won’t get lost in large internal procedures, but gives a quick response to whatever questions a client poses. So, instead of calling your firm ‘medium sized’, a description I often read on law firm websites, I would suggest you describe it as ambitious.

Start ups, scale ups and runner-up’s

Compared to the big law networks in the international legal industry, a network like Interact Law is a runner up, and we can be very proud of that position. Together we have a lot of power. The biggest law firms, the biggest companies and maybe even the biggest country’s start losing their power, while start ups, scale ups and runner-up’s take their place. It is exciting, being part of a network that’s always ambitious. We contact a lot of new firms in new jurisdictions and if they are as ambitious as the member firms are, we will be happy to add them to the network. 

Erik Jan Bolsius - [email protected]

Proud to stay ambitious