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‘Does an international network pay off’? Sure, it does

September 25th 2017

As a network, we are always speaking to suitable law firms to become new members. Potential members often ask how they should approach partners of their firm to join Interact Law. They may be convinced that being part of a network adds value, but they need rational points for their partners who says ‘being part of an international network never pays off’.

Economic situation

To begin with, we do not make promises that earnings will rise sky high from the day they join Interact Law, but they will have a family of members to refer their clients to, which adds a great deal of value. Referrals depend on each firms’ location, the economic situation in their region, the needs of other clients and some more external factors which we are unable to influence. We have a policy of one firm per jurisdiction; therefore, members are not competing with other member firms within the same jurisdiction.

New business partners

What we do promise, is that being part of an international network brings new business insights, new connections, new friends and new business partners. Let us for theory’s sake say that it may not immediately pay off financially. What other reasons could there be to join, or to stay? We asked some of our members about their reasons to be part of Interact Law.

‘Interact Law strengthens communication between members, ensuring a strong and active connection, in view of building business for our clients,’ Ionut Bohalteanu, Romania, answered.

‘Interact Law is very important for the business success of our firm. The close relationships with law firms in other countries around the world are extremely helpful for our clients and our firm by having reliable and highly professional business partners,’ was the response of Christian Heimerl from Germany.

‘Interacting with legal professionals from around the world really gives you a new point of view!’, said Shaul Kotler, our Israeli member.

Wide range of extra skills

When you look at your firm, your local (legal) network, your former colleagues, you will see a lot of similarities. They are educated at the same university, in the same practice areas and developed similar skills. Isn't that a bit true? Interact Law can promise it's members a wide range of additional skills, contacts, points of view and cultures, of which your clients can benefit.

You serve your clients better

So, even if joining not directly raises your inbound business, we are sure being member of a network will help, both internal and external, to ‘promote’ you as a firm with robust international connections. So, last but not least, the firm is positioned as an ambitious firm that invests in international relationships for their clients.

Erik Jan Bolsius


‘Does an international network pay off’? Sure, it does