Members have the ability to work and liaise with other members in a majority of jurisdictions; contribute to the network and seek further legal advice and assistance from in accordance with Interacts agreed members’ information. Meaning that referred clients from other members should expect to receive an excellent level or service offered by the referring firm.

Members meet twice a year at full membership meetings, which comprises of learning and networking opportunities.


  • Firms become a member of the network, mostly as the only firm for that jurisdiction. This allows opportunities to refer their clients to other trusted and experienced legal firms.
  • Interact Law is friends with global accountancy network MorisonKSI and have the opportunity to attend and speak at their global and regional conferences.
  • Joint firm seminars and secondments are very much encouraged.
  • Our marketing functions are centralised and have an excellent forum where members may contact each other to exchange ideas and initiatives.
  • We have a board meeting each week to increase the focus on developing the network.


  • All members should be transactional with an international focus and offer full service.
  • Members should be situated in at least one major city of the jurisdiction in which they practice.
  • Members must have an active interest in functioning as part of a global network and be prepared to adhere to the highest standards of practice and client satisfaction.
  • Member firms should give priority for referrals to member and be prepared to visit member firms to develop relationships.
  • Members are expected to join at least one Interact Law conference per year.
  • Interact Law restricts jurisdictions to be represented by one firm only. Larger countries may be represented by more than one firm per jurisdiction, with no more than five.
  • It is not a requirement that membership of Interact Law is an exclusive Network membership at the time of joining, but priority will be given to referrals to member firms.


New members of Interact Law are required to pay a one-off joining fee of 1,000€ and all members pay an annual subscription fee.

For all membership enquiries, please get in touch.


Contact us

Erik Jan Bolsius
Director, Interact Law
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