About us

Interact Law is a referral network built on relationships to cross-refer business around the globe.

Interact Law started its journey back in the early 90’s as a European organisation and has since grown and developed into an internationally independent network of legal firms, some of whom have been members of the group for over 20 years.

We choose quality over quantity; aiming to have one firm per jurisdiction ensures that only law firms with extensive experience and expertise are selected to be part of the network.

Firms within the network provide their clients with outstanding legal solutions from a global network of independent established law firms. This collaborative network aims to extend the services and information available to clients whilst continuing to enhance members’ knowledge and expertise in all aspects of national and international law.

Covering a wide range of legal disciplines, Interact Law’s comprehensive services are available to both private and corporate clients and can include anything from banking and asset finance, to private wealth planning. Our legal advisers take time to invest in their clients to ensure they offer immediate access to a variety of high quality, cost effective legal solutions.